In my research, I leverage inferential tools from public policy, economics, and political science to credibly identify causal effects of immigration policies on political behavior of natives, economic integration of newcomers, and decision-making of bureaucrats. I am also interested in how ethnic identity conditions native reactions to immigration, and how demographic contexts of reception affect sense of belonging among refugees.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Does policy threat mobilise? 287(g) and Latino voter registration in North Carolina and Florida. 2020. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (Online First). [Link]

Working Papers

  1. Refugee Journey Duration and Economic Integration in Receiving Countries. (Revise and Resubmit).
    • Winner: Prothro Best Paper Award, UNC-Chapel Hill Political Science Department (2020). [Link]
  2. With Rahsaan Maxwell. Does local context affect asylum seeker integration? County-level data from Germany. (Under Review).
  3. With David Attewell and Andreas Jozwiak. The Electoral Impacts of Immigration without Ethnic Difference: The Case of Co-ethnic Migration in Germany. (Under Review).

Selected Work in Progress

  1. With Dominik Hangartner and Stefan M. Schütz. Religion and Asylum Decisions.

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