In my research, I leverage inferential tools from public policy, economics, and political science to credibly identify causal effects of immigration policies on political behavior of natives, economic integration of newcomers, and decision-making of bureaucrats. I am also interested in how ethnic identity conditions native reactions to immigration, and how demographic contexts of reception affect sense of belonging among refugees.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. “Journey Effects? Waiting Periods in European Transit Countries and Subsequent Economic Integration of Refugees in Switzerland”. (2022). International Migration Review.[Link]
    • Winner: Prothro Best Paper Award, UNC-Chapel Hill Political Science Department (2020). [Link]
  2. “Does policy threat mobilise? 287(g) and Latino voter registration in North Carolina and Florida”. (2022). Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. [Link]

Working Papers & Projects in Progress

  1. With Rahsaan Maxwell. “Does local context affect asylum seeker integration? County-level data from Germany.” (Revise & Resubmit).
  2. With David Attewell and Andreas Jozwiak. “The Electoral Impacts of Immigration without Ethnic Difference: The Case of Co-ethnic Migration in Germany. ” (Under Review).
  3. With Dominik Hangartner and Stefan M. Schütz. Asylum interviews reveal religious disparities in asylum adjudication.” (Working Paper).
  4. With Rahsaan Maxwell “Do Hate Crimes Change Native Attitudes Towards Refugees?” (Working Paper).
  5. With Elias Dinas and Anica Waldendorf. “Horizontal Transmission? Regional Norms and Migrant Acculturation.”
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